Strathallan: This is a co-educational day and boarding school for 507 pupils aged 9 to 18. At 11+, children need to show a school report and take Strathallan assessment papers in Maths and English. At 13+, children sit 13+ Common Entrance Exam papers in June of Year 8 or, alternatively, they sit the Open Scholarship exam in late February / early March. If not at a prep school they may take the school’s own assessments. They also need to show a school report. 16+ entry is based on a school report and assessments or the scholarship exam. Overseas pupils take an online Maths and English assessment along with a Skype interview. The school is partnered with Bishopstrow College, the UKs only co-educational international boarding school preparing children for entry to UK schools. Pupils aged 7 to 17 can study intensive English language courses here for 1 to 3 terms.

Angela is an expert in pre-test preparation to highly competitive UK private schools. She has an excellent knowledge of the entrance exam requirements for British public schools, including Eton, Westminster, Wycombe Abbey and Sevenoaks.  She has also worked to prepare children in Maths and Science, through 13+ ... 

Featured Tutor: Angela


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