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Winchester College: This is a boys boarding school for 690 pupils aged 13 to 18. Boys who are successful at 13+ entry to Winchester College will be considered either ‘Scholars’ or ‘Commoners’. There are 70 ‘Scholars’ and they live together in the College. The ‘Commoners’ live in one of ten Houses and these houses have about 60 boys in each. The Admissions Procedure differs depending on where a boy is currently at school. The process distinguishes between those in the UK, those in the EU and then those at schools either inside or outside of the Asian Region. Boys can register from the age of eight and arrange to visit the school with a Housemaster. It is suggested that boys have their name on a list for a specific house by the end of Year 5 (age 10). A place is not guaranteed at this stage. In Year 6 boys take the ISEB Common Pre-Tests. In the latter half of Year 6, an interview is organised with the prospective Housemaster. There is a short verbal and numerical reasoning test. Housemasters will also request a written report from the current school. Conditional offers of places are made at the beginning of June in Year 6. All boys still need to pass the Winchester College Entrance Examination in May of Year 8 or, alternatively, opt for the Winchester Scholarship Examination (Election). The Headmaster and the Registrar consider each application in detail. Following this, if an applicant is successful, they will be placed on the ‘General List’ or the ‘Reserve List’. Those on the General List are guaranteed a place in the School as long as they pass the Winchester Entrance Examination. This differs from the ISEB 13+ Common Entrance Exams. The Winchester Entrance Exams are taken in the boy’s own school in May of Year 8. The Winchester Entrance Exams are similar in format and syllabus to 13+ Common Entrance. The subjects required for the Entrance Examination are: English (two papers), Maths, Science, French, Geography, History and Latin. Scholarships or elections do not automatically offer a fee remission. 16+ entry is based on interviews and assessments in Year 11. Places are subject to GCSE results. Overseas applicants can take the Pre-Test in Year 6 at their current school and interviews can take place in Hong Kong.

Angela is an expert in pre-test preparation to highly competitive UK private schools. She has an excellent knowledge of the entrance exam requirements for British public schools, including Eton, Westminster, Wycombe Abbey and Sevenoaks.  She has also worked to prepare children in Maths and Science, through 13+ ... 

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