Liz is an immensely experienced teacher specialising in Latin, French and English. She has taught in Independent and Maintained schools, from years 5 to 13, and from Common Entrance through to Oxbridge Entrance. Most recently Liz has been Head of Department in two London Prep schools, and on the Future Schools team, preparing pupils of all abilities for Common Entrance, CASE and Scholarship exams. Former pupils have gained scholarships to St Paul’s, Latymer Upper, King’s College Wimbledon and Hampton School, as well as places at schools including St Paul’s Girls’, Cheltenham Ladies’ College, Downe House, Eton, Winchester, Harrow, Dulwich, King’s Canterbury, Tunbridge and Sevenoaks. Liz has run enrichment and Scholarship classes after school, as well as extensive one-to-one tutoring, and has given much individual support to pupils at moments of need. Her friendly, common sense and encouraging approach enables students to achieve far beyond what they may think themselves capable of. Liz is skilled at breaking material down into manageable chunks and simplifying concepts in a memorable way. Parents and former pupils have commented on how well prepared and confident they felt for their entrance exams and what an excellent grounding they received for their Senior School studies, as a result of Liz’s experience in teaching study skills as well as the subject matter for exams. Liz has recently resumed working in a Senior school setting, working intensively with Special Needs students, especially those with autism and processing difficulties, as they approach their GCSE exams.


Diane has a wealth of experience in education having taught English Language and English Literature from 13+ through to A-Level. She is also qualified to teach History, French and R.E. to 13+ and GCSE as well as Latin to 13+ in readiness for Common Entrance. Diane has taught at, amongst others, St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir School and Notting Hill Prep in London, where she was Head of English. She is well versed in expectations for entrance to both London independent schools and to other major UK public schools. Diane has successfully helped many students, some hopping a couple of grades higher than their predicted levels, to reach their target schools with confidence. With regard to her teaching style, Diane suggests that some students feed from straightforward information and learning facts, devices and techniques. Others need a different approach, perhaps via examples (WAGOLL), via one-to-one help, highlighting text, discussions/reminders of techniques they must use. Diane produces her own resources based on need so that every individual can excel. Her lessons are carefully planned and include varied learning activities to maintain focus and energy. Diane is positive and encouraging, whilst maintaining a highly academic approach, with a developed general knowledge, which supports and enhances her subject knowledge. She is a respected teacher who gives respect in turn to her students. She is particularly proud of the progress she made with a group of Year 9 students where motivation for learning was very low. Over the course of three terms, Diane managed them and they now are some of the brightest, most motivated and respectful students that she has taught. Diane says that this was a task comparable to turning the Titanic. However, unlike the Titanic, her class did not at all sink! They are enthused for learning and have a positive work ethos. In the wider context of teaching, Diane is well aware of safeguarding. She is interested in the tenets of mindfulness: its worth and practice in education and, coupled with this Diane is also interested in the recent focus on emotional literacy and emotional intelligence. Diane feels that, as teachers, we must help to build the whole student, a well-rounded one, who can face the challenges of the modern world with a sense of strength, independence and confidence.


Nouara is a brilliantly qualified French and Spanish teacher with a PGCE from Oxford and a CAPES from France (impossibly difficult!). She has heaps of experience both in the classroom and with tutoring French and Spanish one to one. During her time at the Dragon School and at Abercorn Prep School, Nouara has guided both boys and girls to success with 13+ Common Entrance preparation and Scholarship Entrance exams to a diverse range of major British public schools. These include Eton College, Winchester College, Radley College and Harrow, Wycombe Abbey, Downe House and Marlborough College amongst many others. Being secondary trained and having taught at Cokethorpe School for a number of years, Nouara’s expertise also lends itself to tutoring French and Spanish GCSE, iGCSE, AS and A Level exams. As a private tutor, she is warm and personable, determined to guide and encourage every one of her tutees towards their very best.


Nora is passionate about teaching languages. She is a French national who has lived and worked in the UK for over 14 years teaching both French and Spanish. Nora has led a department and worked in some of the leading London independent schools, including St Paul’s boys School and the Lycée Française Charles De Gaulle. She has prepared students for (I)GCSE and A level as well as tutoring for Common Entrance Examinations with an excellent success rate. Nora has had consistently superb feedback from the families that she has worked with, from those struggling with languages to the very brightest sparks needing an extra stretch and challenge. Nora makes it her priority to deliver high quality lessons with a variety of engaging and challenging resources which respond to a range of learning needs and abilities.

Penny S

Penny S is an energetic and engaging linguist. She specialises in French and Spanish with her predominantly secondary teaching career spanning both the private and state sectors. Recently, Penny has concentrated her language teaching on the prep school years, tailoring her methods to suit different abilities whilst keeping expectations high. She also teaches English and Verbal Reasoning towards 11+ entrance exams. Penny tutors a range of age - from 5 to 55! - and is fully versed in the requirements for 13+, GCSE and beyond! She has had significant successes this year with all of her Common Entrance students winning places at their first choice of public school. Penny is a warm, friendly person with purpose in her step in all that she does. She is an exciting find for Prep School Tutor and a superb addition to the language team.

Penny W

Penny W, the Founder of Prep School Tutor, has a sparkling background! She also has a great sense of fun and a contagious enthusiasm for her subject. Penny trained at Dulwich College and Dulwich Prep London in an extended course including a Masters in French as a Foreign Language at the Sorbonne, Paris. She kick-started her career at the Dragon School, Oxford, feeder to all major UK public schools. After 5 years at the Dragon as a specialist French teacher, Penny went on to be Head of Modern Languages at King's College Junior School. In preparing children for 13 plus Common Entrance and Scholarship exams, Penny exudes energy and passion every step of the way. She tailors her style to suit a full range of ability, promoting an effective learning environment for each individual. Penny does everything possible to maximize potential in her tutees.

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