Diane has a wealth of experience in education having taught English Language and English Literature from 13+ through to A-Level. She is also qualified to teach History, French and R.E. to 13+ and GCSE as well as Latin to 13+ in readiness for Common Entrance. Diane has taught at, amongst others, St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir School and Notting Hill Prep in London, where she was Head of English. She is well versed in expectations for entrance to both London independent schools and to other major UK public schools. Diane has successfully helped many students, some hopping a couple of grades higher than their predicted levels, to reach their target schools with confidence. With regard to her teaching style, Diane suggests that some students feed from straightforward information and learning facts, devices and techniques. Others need a different approach, perhaps via examples (WAGOLL), via one-to-one help, highlighting text, discussions/reminders of techniques they must use. Diane produces her own resources based on need so that every individual can excel. Her lessons are carefully planned and include varied learning activities to maintain focus and energy. Diane is positive and encouraging, whilst maintaining a highly academic approach, with a developed general knowledge, which supports and enhances her subject knowledge. She is a respected teacher who gives respect in turn to her students. She is particularly proud of the progress she made with a group of Year 9 students where motivation for learning was very low. Over the course of three terms, Diane managed them and they now are some of the brightest, most motivated and respectful students that she has taught. Diane says that this was a task comparable to turning the Titanic. However, unlike the Titanic, her class did not at all sink! They are enthused for learning and have a positive work ethos. In the wider context of teaching, Diane is well aware of safeguarding. She is interested in the tenets of mindfulness: its worth and practice in education and, coupled with this Diane is also interested in the recent focus on emotional literacy and emotional intelligence. Diane feels that, as teachers, we must help to build the whole student, a well-rounded one, who can face the challenges of the modern world with a sense of strength, independence and confidence.


Paul specialises in powering his students towards success in English. He kick-started his career teaching to GCSE and A-Level and has now been in the prep school environment for over 5 years, working at Barnardiston, an excellent and extremely popular Suffolk preparatory school, with close links to the top Cambridge schools. Here, Paul has had particular success in making literacy, notably poetry, more accessible to pupils of all abilities. He has also tutored pre-test and 11+ English for entrance to the major Cambridge schools. This has included Verbal Reasoning and some interview technique as well as exam strategy. He is used to working with children who do not have English as their first language, accommodating their needs both in boosting confidence for oral communication and in improving their literacy skills ready for exam success. Paul’s scholarship and 13+ students have won places to top public schools including Eton, Harrow, Rugby, Stowe, Oundle, The Perse, Westminster and Wycombe Abbey. His students have been prize-winners in exams for Rugby school and achieved distinctions in exams at Westminster. Paul has attended Common Entrance courses at Eton, which have served to inform his approach immensely. He has a calm, methodical approach, and is determined on personalising his sessions, tailoring each element to suit the individual needs of his students. Paul firmly believes that through sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for English language and poetry, he can make a huge difference to students preparing for the literacy demands of Common Entrance and Scholarship papers.


Saira has a strong reputation for excellent results with many students gaining far higher grades than predicted. She has a great deal of experience teaching Religious Studies, History and Geography for 13+ Common Entrance in a well-regarded Hampshire prep school as well as attaining acceptance for students at Fettes and Wellington College. Saira has also guided students to sparkling Scholarship results at Rugby (student gaining above an ‘A’ grade), Harrow (student gaining one of the twelve scholarships given out that year) Canford (scholarship gained for History) and Ampleforth (during the interview the student was praised for their mature grasp of philosophy). Through private tuition, both face-to face and online, she has had further success with Wycombe Abbey and the Westminster Challenge as well as Eton College’s Kings Scholarship. Each of these requires all of the Humanities with an excellent grasp of essay writing, current affairs and morality questions. She is frequently recommended from one family to another, not least for her calm, personable approach. Saira is currently Head of Department and is also an examiner for the GCSE Religious Studies and Philosophy papers. This included attending a number of courses in Eton College, Southampton and Birmingham. Saira’s lessons are fun and stimulating and, above all, encourage deep thought for the empathy questions in the Religious Studies and Philosophy paper. One of Saira’s main talents is in engaging students to underst exactly how essays should be constructed. She has an eye for strategy and will teach your child how to use knowledge effectively in exams, understand exactly what the questions are aiming for and point score to the max


Alison is Queen of humanities! As Head of Department at St Paul’s Cathedral School, a well-reputed London Preparatory school, she lead the Humanities faculty, teaching History, Geography and RS and making sure that pupils were thoroughly prepared for their Common Entrance and Scholarship exam papers. She is familiar with the demands and expectations of leading public schools, such as Westminster, Eton, Winchester and City of London Schools for Boys and Girls, and has more recently had success with students to Harrow and Bloxham. Alison has experience teaching History to GCSE as well and has had students queuing up to take her classes! She is innovative in her approach and experienced in adapting learning to suit the child. Alison is passionate about engaging children with a love of learning and determined to ensure their success.

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