George is all about instilling confidence and self-belief in his students. He started teaching 6 years ago and has been head of Classics and Mandarin Chinese at both of the schools he has worked at, Aldro and Parkside. George's main 'mission' was to create a curriculum that enabled all the students to undertake as a minimum the Common Entrance Latin exam, where as in previous years only a select few undertook it. George is a firm believer that learning should be balanced with time spent on the rigid structures of grammar but mixed with lots of activities and his specialty quizzes throughout the tutoring session! George has been tutoring since his time at university where he gained a degree in Classics and then a Master's Diploma in Mandarin Chinese. His experiences range from introducing Classics to a newcomer all the way to working through GCSE and A Level set texts. In his 6 years, George has had the pleasure of preparing students for a breadth of schools ranging from Eton, Harrow and Charterhouse all the way to international schools in Dubai and Asia. George's teaching style is all based on what benefits the student. He personalises his lessons according to each and every student and brings a calm and positive approach to the learning. George's clear passion for Classics is shown from his very first minute of each session and he believes this makes a huge difference in the learning for students.