Regious Studies

Saira has a strong reputation for excellent results with many students gaining far higher grades than predicted. She has a great deal of experience teaching Religious Studies, History and Geography for 13+ Common Entrance in a well-regarded Hampshire prep school as well as attaining acceptance for students at Fettes and Wellington College. Saira has also guided students to sparkling Scholarship results at Rugby (student gaining above an ‘A’ grade), Harrow (student gaining one of the twelve scholarships given out that year) Canford (scholarship gained for History) and Ampleforth (during the interview the student was praised for their mature grasp of philosophy). Through private tuition, both face-to face and online, she has had further success with Wycombe Abbey and the Westminster Challenge as well as Eton College’s Kings Scholarship. Each of these requires all of the Humanities with an excellent grasp of essay writing, current affairs and morality questions. She is frequently recommended from one family to another, not least for her calm, personable approach. Saira is currently Head of Department and is also an examiner for the GCSE Religious Studies and Philosophy papers. This included attending a number of courses in Eton College, Southampton and Birmingham. Saira’s lessons are fun and stimulating and, above all, encourage deep thought for the empathy questions in the Religious Studies and Philosophy paper. One of Saira’s main talents is in engaging students to underst exactly how essays should be constructed. She has an eye for strategy and will teach your child how to use knowledge effectively in exams, understand exactly what the questions are aiming for and point score to the max