Energetic and inspiring, María teaches Latin and Spanish in preparation for 13+ Common Entrance Examinations, GCSE, iGCSE and A-level. She has quality experience with both the Cambridge board and Edexcel. Maria can fast track anyone feeling on the back foot, particularly in Latin, and ensure any gaps are filled. Maria is fully versed in the Common Entrance requirements and has had great success with 13+ Scholarship preparation to major public schools. Maria has an infectious enthusiasm for her subject and is naturally encouraging in her style. She does her utmost to ensure success for her students, always willing to go the extra mile with a combination of a vibrant learning, focus and a great sense of humour. María is teacher trained and has BA Hons degree in Classics. Having found that her own love for the Classical World had a dramatic impact on her literacy and general language awareness, she is keen to stimulate curiosity and interest in the Classics, increase word-power for her students and give them the basis for future language learning. As well as Latin and Greek, María specialises in teaching Spanish, through to A-level and even beyond! She is determined to enable her students to communicate and express their ideas and thoughts in the target language, developing their communicative competence to equip them to handle any situation in the future both in an exam environment and as social agents.


Nora is passionate about teaching languages. She is a French national who has lived and worked in the UK for over 14 years teaching both French and Spanish. Nora has led a department and worked in some of the leading London independent schools, including St Paul’s boys School and the Lycée Française Charles De Gaulle. She has prepared students for (I)GCSE and A level as well as tutoring for Common Entrance Examinations with an excellent success rate. Nora has had consistently superb feedback from the families that she has worked with, from those struggling with languages to the very brightest sparks needing an extra stretch and challenge. Nora makes it her priority to deliver high quality lessons with a variety of engaging and challenging resources which respond to a range of learning needs and abilities.


Nouara is a brilliantly qualified French and Spanish teacher with a PGCE from Oxford and a CAPES from France (impossibly difficult!). She has heaps of experience both in the classroom and with tutoring French and Spanish one to one. During her time at the Dragon School and at Abercorn Prep School, Nouara has guided both boys and girls to success with 13+ Common Entrance preparation and Scholarship Entrance exams to a diverse range of major British public schools. These include Eton College, Winchester College, Radley College and Harrow, Wycombe Abbey, Downe House and Marlborough College amongst many others. Being secondary trained and having taught at Cokethorpe School for a number of years, Nouara’s expertise also lends itself to tutoring French and Spanish GCSE, iGCSE, AS and A Level exams. As a private tutor, she is warm and personable, determined to guide and encourage every one of her tutees towards their very best.


Polly is experienced, highly qualified and passionate about teaching languages. She has a First Class Joint Hons degree in Italian and Spanish and a Double MA in European Studies, half of which she completed in France. She has a Primary PGCE with MFL and has lived, worked and studied in Italy, France and Spain, the latter of which she returns to regularly to visit family. Polly has been teaching for nearly twenty years and has always had a passion for the vocation, giving piano lessons even before that, when she was a teenager. Teaching must be in her blood as both her parents were teachers, her father having taught music at a leading preparatory school in Suffolk. Polly has given private tuition to GCSE and A Level students, enabling them to achieve much higher grades than they had been predicted. She also has experience of teaching adults and is Trinity TEFL Cert qualified to teach English. In her role as Director of Studies at summer schools, she worked at prestigious establishments such as Sevenoaks School, Pangbourne College and Ardingly College. Polly has received consistently ‘outstanding’ feedback from lesson observations, pupils and their parents. With extensive experience of teaching pupils with learning difficulties, she is able to differentiate her lessons and adapt her teaching style to the individual needs of each pupil, enabling them to achieve their very best. She strives to make her lessons engaging and is very thorough in her approach; she can explain complex linguistic structures in a comprehensible way, whilst injecting fun with her enthusiasm and sense of humour. Polly firmly believes that every child matters and aims to make the curriculum available to all people, regardless of their ability or background. She is patient, creative and an excellent communicator. Polly is a linguist and teacher who loves learning, practising her languages at any opportunity. She is interested in current affairs and our global society but also getting to know local people and places. Polly is an avid listener of Radio Four, when she doesn’t have Spanish, Italian or French radio stations on! She enjoys keeping fit, exercising most days, going on walks in the Cambridgeshire countryside and playing cricket with her husband and son. Polly loves reading and playing the piano and values spending time with her family and socialising with friends.

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