Rightly or wrongly, many independent schools are introducing (I)GCSE-style tasks earlier into their Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9) schemes of work. Their aim is to bed-in the skills needed for their students to be successful throughout Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11) and its ultimate goal, the public (I)GCSE examinations.


If this sounds daunting, Prep School Tutors can, in the first instance, help make the transition from KS3 to

KS4 as smooth as possible. Our 1-to-1 sessions are carefully differentiated and use expertly created resources that are simultaneously age-appropriate, enjoyable and challenging. With the continued support of Prep School Tutors throughout the (I)GCSE courses, students will hone the skills needed to enjoy their learning, be successful, and develop the confidence needed to approach their school work and public examinations. Our (I)GCSE tutors have extensive experience of teaching a wide variety of subjects up to (I)GCSE level, and in line with the specifications for all the major public examination boards. Whether it is to cover course content or design activities to practise the necessary and examined skills, Prep School Tutors can provide the personalised support that any student needs to succeed.

Jon’s first aim is to inspire a love of reading and writing in all of his students and his enthusiasm for reading and discussing literature from across the ages is both infectious and inspiring. With expertise and experience ranging from Greek Tragedy to modern fantasy ... 

Featured Tutor: Jon


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