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We pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional service but don't just take our word for it. Here's what our pupils, parents and tutors really think about us!



"I'm starting to believe that I'm really going to pass!"

Chloe, age 12


"This is the best Geography lesson I've ever had!"

Hugo, age 11

"It's really helpful. I covered a lot of vocab with the Latin teacher who was really nice. The French has been even better because I have had double the lessons. The teachers made the lessons really fun - that way I learnt everything!"

Leonard, age 12

"I now understand things that had been puzzling me all year."

Stan, age 13


"Penny is a ball of amazing energy coming through the screen!"

Ben, age 13 Parents


"My son Harry was tutored by Penny and her highly experienced team across all subjects in preparation for his 13+ CE exams and entry into Bloxham School in 2017. The tutors gave him first class encouragement and support and really went out of their way to engage, meet his individual needs and give him the right tools to do his very best in the exams. Throughout the time we worked together communication was seamless and Matthew looked forward to his lessons on Skype. This was one of the most important and successful investments that I have ever made."



"Sam did not want to have a tutor at all but on mentioning that it'll be online tutoring, he was willing to give it a try. Now he’s happy to study extra French and I hear him laugh in tutorials even!"



"We’ve thought the tutors have been of a high quality - and they’ve been really friendly and relaxed. My son is happy to get ready for his lesson. The fact that it takes only 60 minutes in our own home has been a big help, and makes it feel like only a small part of the evening, leaving more time for sporting interests."



"We found using Prep School Tutor to be Flexible, Efficient and Effective. More importantly, my son seems to embrace online tuition as it is cool and helpful to him."



"Our son Leonard needed extra tuition at C.E. level because he'd been at the wrong school for too long. There was just no way he stood any chance of passing his C.E. without Prep School Tutor who were amazing at turning him around. Moreover, he moved to a prep school just late enough to mean that he'd have to submit 10 subjects to level 2 at C.E. Suddenly, we found he needed to know rather a lot! Prep School Tutor understood our circumstances instantly. Staff quickly and quietly got down to the lessons simultaneously using the Skype and interactive screen-sharing - (like an interactive school whiteboard). It was a wonderfully efficient use of time. No flapping about with papers and finding the right page in text books. The lessons were quite intense in the way that all one-to-one lessons can be, and yet, Prep School Tutors were adept at keeping everything fun. The time was always deftly used. I was also deeply impressed with the level of subject experience and teaching skills. Both Leonard's father and myself were aware of the lessons going on (we tended to stay out of the room) and it has been impossible not to notice how good they were. I highly recommend Prep School Tutor who will a), find out which syllabus areas your child is ropey on and bring them up to the mark or, b), in our son's case, also start them from scratch. I just feel so so lucky that our son had some prep school tutoring and that it was tailor-made."



"I can say that I found the online tuition very successful and practical in this busy life. Less stress for everyone as my two boys can do the lesson at home, no need to go out in this cold weather. In a minute they are online and starting the lesson, also most of the time I am around and I can hear how is the lesson going. I can say that we all feel more comfortable with this way of tuition and I think it is important to use this technology for something useful to our children, not just for chatting and playing games, and the online tuition is a very good example of that.”

Zaina, Jamil and Rasheed’s mum


"My son had a lot of catching up to do after joining his new school in year 7, where the other boys had been studying French and Latin for what seemed several years. The tutors were able to liaise with the school teachers and put together a program of learning to help him catch up in time for his 13+ Common Entrance exam. My son loves his Skype lessons and willingly completes the carefully targeted, exercises every week."

Jackie, Barney's mum.


"What an engaging way to use technology to make learning more effective. Our son discovered that French revision could be fun and looked forward to chatting with his tutor online and navigating his way through interactive exercises instead of reading text books."



"Our teacher (Nina) is so positive and has established a good rapport with my child. Great to have access to experienced teachers in the UK who will know the way to prepare for the English school system, and we are delighted to discover this could be made to work through Skype, takes the stress away of ferrying my child to and from a classroom!"

Su-Ling (Hong Kong)

"Prep school tutor, and in particular, Penny Whitwell, was recommended to us by my son's French teacher at school. It was necessary, due to health reasons, for my son to be tutored at home for a period of time. The twice weekly Skype visits with Penny have not only been fun for my son but so very helpful as well. Penny got together the subject materials needed and uses all sorts of interesting on-line tools to help my son progress. And , the one-to-one interaction helps to keep him focused. All in all it has been a stress free plan for the entire family."


"Eve has really enjoyed her lessons, found the learning fun, and really engaged with her tutor. She has increased in confidence and skills and we are very happy with the experience all round."


"Our tutor is passionate about teaching. She is approachable, reliable, and conscientious and has a sunny disposition. I would happily recommend her to tutor my children again in the future."

Emma Tutors


"Prep School Tutor is a highly professional tutoring agency. It is a pleasure to tutor students who have been hand picked for us, enabling our professional teaching experience to match the students requirements."



"Tutoring with Prep School Tutor has enabled me to deliver interactive and engaging lessons with my pupils as I can give instant feedback and provide them with access to tailor-made resources. I am very much enjoying the fact that my pupils can communicate with me in a variety of ways and that any work they have completed can be instantly edited and reviewed. This gives my pupils and their parents confidence that they are making progress and that we are working together to achieve our goals."


"The 1:1 element over Skype allows for relationship building between tutee and tutor. It also gives the tutor a deeper understanding of preferred learning techniques and which learning behaviours require development. Tutees can also feel more comfortable exploring and testing their own knowledge in a 1:1 situation rather than in a classroom enabling them to be more confident in their learning."



"Working with Prep School Tutor has been a wonderful experience. I have felt supported and valued as an experienced professional. Penny is amazing, giving you all the Internet training necessary to allow you to boost your pupils to the best of your ability. I feel blessed to have found such a well-run company."



"It’s much more 'normal' than I thought it would be. Now I'm in the swing of it all, it feels very natural and it's easy to get lots of work done."


Angela is an expert in pre-test preparation to highly competitive UK private schools. She has an excellent knowledge of the entrance exam requirements for British public schools, including Eton, Westminster, Wycombe Abbey and Sevenoaks.  She has also worked to prepare children in Maths and Science, through 13+ ... 

Featured Tutor: Angela


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